Marple Recruitment Agency is an online executive recruitment agency based in UK, that works with companies all over to help them find the professionals that they need to grow, develop and achieve success. By acting as the mediator between the job seeker and the companies looking for new candidate to employ Since our establishment in 2015, thousands of our clients and candidates have enjoyed the managed, efficient and cost-effective recruitment process that we provide. We have a well-developed infrastructure and staff strength that are able to assist you with recruitment needs ranging from junior professionals through to middle and senior management, whatever your industry sector. If you are looking to recruit someone who can transform your organization, or if you are looking for someone to help you find the right job, we are the agency for you. we will give you access to more talent, more rapidly, than any other specialist recruiter in the UK and Kenya.

our services


We understand the importance of monitoring performance of retail sales staff. We create the right profile of promoters and crew for your brand who commit to the new product, service, process or business model innovation.


Our manpower supply team provides a streamlined, end-to-end service that accelerates the talent acquisition process and takes away the stress from the client. From processing the visa to arranging the paperwork, our employee deployment team can take care of everything for you.

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We are committed to providing you with the best talent from anywhere in the world. We ensure that we source the best talent for you.


We are one of the most trusted temporary staffing agencies in UK for on-demand workforce supply. We allow businesses to hire temporary workers for single shifts or short-term positions.


When it comes to permanent workforce supply, Marple Recruitment Agency is the most preferred staffing company in UK. We give you employees that are expected to work and grow with you.


We help you find the right fit for the right job at the right time. It’s a step-by-step. We help you in the process of identifying the job vacancies, analysing the job requirements, reviewing applications, screening, shortlisting and selecting the right candidate.


As your partner for contractual deployment, we take complete responsibility of the employees life-cycle. Upgrading knowledge is essential to live with changes of time.  We help you upgrade the existing skills and knowledge of an individual.


When your business needs outsourced  staff, rely on Marple recruitment agency end-to-end contract staffing service that fulfils job roles across various industries. We help you add the workforce selectively and in specific areas . if you have load peaks, we help you to reduce work load.